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Devin Grindrod, energy healer.

Quantum Healing & Manifestation for the Dreamers

Reclaim your light.
Be empowered in your growth.
Flourish in your healing.

Embark on your personalized, heart-centered wellness journey you become the best and highest version of yourself. 

Spiritually Balanced was created specifically for you and your transformation. We focus on whole person healing — integrating physical, mental, spiritual, and energetic practices that allow for all levels of the self to be heard and seen.  Each session is uniquely tailored to meet your individualized needs. 
Learn to trust your intuition, listen to your body, and take empowered action by scheduling with us today.




Discover manifestation unlike anything you've tried before — 100% free!

100% free. No credit card required.

Transformative Spiritual Services

Quantum Time Technique

You are the architect of your life. Let go of the limiting beliefs and false narratives that are keeping you stagnant. Unlock your highest self and live every day as that beautiful, radiant soul that you're designed for.

Manifestation Magic

Use quantum manifestation to open yourself to receive, become the architect of your life, and align yourself with the universal flow of abundance through a manifestation process that actually works for you!

Self-Guided Courses

Empowering you to trust your intuition and heal on energetic and spiritual levels. Explore digital courses designed to guide you on a personalized journey of becoming your truest form of self.


Devin Grindrod

Quantum Healer • Reiki Master • Psychic Medium

Let Devin be your advocate for self discovery and guide you on your journey to healing. Her practices balance spirituality with science, helping you reclaim your light with "the why behind the woo."

Learn more about Devin 

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Devin Grindrod, Quantum Time Technique teacher, walking through a running creek


Transform Your Life With Quantum Time Technique

What would it look like if you were to show up as your highest self? Live every day as that beautiful, radiant soul who knows no limitations.

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