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  • I can't find a time that works. What should I do?
    Please send an email to if you would like to schedule an appointment, but do not see a time that meets your needs.
  • What services does Devin offer & how can I book?
    Reiki Session - BOOK HERE Hypnosis Session - BOOK HERE Intuitive Energy/Mediumship Reading - BOOK HERE Oracle Card Reading - BOOK HERE Reiki Mentorship - BOOK DISCOVERY HERE Reiki Training - BOOK HERE
  • What if I already have level Reiki training?
    You may sign up for the mentorship at any level of outside training. If you have prior Reiki training (i.e. Level 1 or 2) and would like to continue your education (i.e. Level 2 or master) with Spiritually Balanced, you will need to book a discovery call and take a test showing your proficiency of knowledge.
  • What is Trauma-Informed Reiki?
    Trauma-Informed Reiki takes the evidence-based practices of being trauma-informed and adds them to your Reiki session. Being trauma-informed teaches you how to facilitate and set up a session in a way that is empowering as well as helps your client build trust and feel safe. You will learn how to hold space when difficult subjects surface, when your client becomes triggered, the importance of referrals, and how to support your client as they heal from trauma.
  • Is this a private or group container?
    All trainings are taken in a self-paced virtual course. All attunements and mentorship sessions are held over a private zoom call.
  • What is Quantum Time Technique?
    Quantum Time Technique (QTT) is a form of energy healing facilitated on the quantum level that is designed to assist you in reprogramming heavy emotions, limiting beliefs, and stored trauma so you can design your future. It works by getting in touch with your timeline and reprogramming the way you think/feel about yourself. By letting go of your baggage and story, you can move forward with the wisdom and rewrite your destiny.
  • How is healing on the quantum level different than other forms of energy work?
    Quantum healing differs from other forms of energy work in that the healing is done on a quantum level. It works on the level of your timeline to release the charge negative emotions and limiting beliefs while retaining the wisdom of their purpose. In doing this, you have the opportunity to fill that space with what you want instead thus altering your timeline and shifting the trajectory of your future to design the life of your dreams.
  • Is this a private or group container?
    All QTT packages consist of private 1:1 sessions.
  • What is special about QTT?
    QTT allows you to process difficult experiences, emotions, and limiting beliefs easily and effortlessly. It gives you the space to do your shadow work efficiently without the difficulty of processing your feelings for months. Each 10-hour VIP breakthrough package is equivalent to years of therapeutic services. QTT makes doing your shadow work attainable all without needing to walk through the dark night of soul.
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