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Quantum Time Technique

Unlock Your Access to Interdimensional Healing Easily & Effortlessly

You are spirit having a human experience...

Somewhere along the way you lost your crown and forgot who TF you are.

You let life pile up and get you down.

You’ve had to experience things that no one deserves to experience.

And still you’ve persevered.

I know your story, because it is also mine.

So I’m assuming that you’ve also tried all of the healing techniques and they’ve worked…to an extent.

But you still feel that there’s another, deeper layer to your healing journey that is begging for release.

What would it look like if you were to show up as your highest self? And live every day as that beautiful, radiant soul who knows no limitations?

Want to discover the magic of Quantum Time Technique?


100% free. No credit card required.


Quantum Time Technique

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Quantum Time Technique (QTT) allows you to get to the ROOT CAUSE of your issue, release your heavy emotions, and reframe your limiting beliefs so that you can start living life on your own terms. Without the lens of trauma responses.


My goal when I started on my trauma healing journey was to discover the person I was always meant to be.


What I mean by that is, the version of me who:

  • Wasn’t afraid to be seen

  • Spoke her mind freely and compassionately

  • Loved herself

  • Lived life unabashedly

  • Held her boundaries and was no longer a people pleaser


I know that a person can never be who they were before trauma struck, but you don’t have to live your life playing small and in fear.


The magic of QTT is that you DON’T have to relive your story over and over again. In fact, we never have to speak of it in order for you to overcome it.

QTT doesn’t take years. In fact, our work together is as short as 3-4 months.


What makes QTT so great is that it brings you to the ROOT of your issue, dissolves the heaviness, retains the wisdom of your decision, and rewrites your future to be EXACTLY what YOU want.


QTT brings choice back into your habits through compassion, self-love, and forgiveness.


YOU are in charge of your healing journey. YOU are the architect of your life.

What would it look like if you were to show up as your highest self? And live every day as that beautiful, radiant soul who knows no limitations? 

She's waiting on the other side of your QTT breakthrough!

"The breakthrough I needed to realign..."

From my very first session with Devin, I could tell this would be completely different than the healing modalities I tried in the past. She guided me for the first time in my life through a process where the answers to my questions came from within me. She never put words in my mouth or twisted my perceptions to meet her expectations. She truly created a safe space for me to heal my hurts from the inside out. She was equal parts professional and REAL. I always felt at ease in her presence and welcomed to be my true self. Going through QTT provided the breakthrough I needed to realign with the best version of myself.


On top of our breakthroughs during each session, Devin would provide me with homework customized to our session, and email me recaps because lord knows I’d probably forget everything. She checked in on me via text after the especially challenging sessions and would give me new assignments if something we discussed wasn’t quite right when I took it home to practice.


I feel like after our time working together I finally am available to be a better mother, wife, and business owner. I can’t recommend Devin’s services enough!!

Mariya Charlton

You call the shots...

It is your birthright to be in 100% alignment with the universal flow of abundance.

You are deserving of safety, inner peace, connection, and abundance.

To be the version of yourself that lives life out loud and from the heart.

And have the confidence to believe you’re worthy of accomplishing your goals, even the really, really big ones that light you tf up inside.



Release heavy emotions weighing you down

Clear out generational stories that don’t serve your growth

Reframe limiting beliefs to “what you want" instead…

Let go of stories keeping you stagnant on your healing journey

Believe that life happens because of you, not to you

Reclaim your birthright of safety, abundance, wealth, and inner peace

…you’ve come to the right place.
Let’s get healing!

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How Past Students Have Stepped Into Their Power With QTT




Biz + Marketing Coach


Nutritionist + Food Freedom Coach

Get Compassionate Support for Overcoming:

QTT Can Be Your Solution for...
  • Let go of limiting beliefs

  • Believe that life happens because of you, not to you

  • Finding your dream partner

  • Recover from trauma

  • Overcome Imposter Syndrome

  • Reduce stress

  • Quit smoking

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