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Biz + Marketing Coach


Nutritionist + Food Freedom Coach

"I had a wonderful, life changing experience with Devin. She made me realize how beautiful life & myself truly is. It has been a couple months since having my first session with Devin and I’m still feeling great!"


"I attended Devin's Reiki Level 1 course, Reiki Level 2 course and Reiki Master course. Devin created a safe, informative and ego-free environment. She made sure to answer all my questions. I love how much passion and respect Devin has for teaching and practicing reiki She definitely practices what she preaches. I'm so happy I got certified and attuned by Devin!"


"I have worked with Devin on multiple issues and she has always gone above and beyond in our sessions. I have had multiple reiki sessions done by her, selenite sword sessions, and a vaginal steam session. She is incredibly intuitive, loving, and down to earth. She really knows how to hold space and honor where you are in your process. I love that Devin is always focused on empowering you to love yourself, give yourself grace, and that you have the power to heal yourself. She has taught me much about trauma informed healing. I was highly impressed by the vaginal steam session I had as well, as that was my first time. Devin is great on educating you on what she is doing and making you feel comfortable, safe, and nourished! Highly recommend her!"


"I have known Devin for 2 years now. I have had energy healing from her which felt great, done a restorative yoga class that she lead which was so relaxing and nice, as well as had a vaginal steaming session. She has a wealth of knowledge to do with natural healing and holistic practices and is extremely intuitive. I had never heard of vaginal steaming before learning about it from Devin and she taught me a great deal about its benefits, so I thought why not give it a try. I really didn’t know what to expect when it came to how it would feel because you don’t really know first hand until you do it yourself, but it was surprisingly gentle and nice to experience. Devin is very professional and makes you feel comfortable with being vulnerable; I felt safe. I would do it again should the opportunity arise. Thanks Devin for offering all the amazing things that you do!"

— MEGAN D. —

"Devin is so in tune with Spirit and her clients needs. She has such a calming, soothing vibration about her while also being so powerful and strong. She has cleared away residue that was resistant to healing and releasing. She has supported me and made me feel heard and seen in session and out. I highly recommend her and would recommend multiple sessions, each one is so unique. Thank you so much for the love and gifts you share, and the light you send."

— MEGAN L. —

A Reiki session with Devin is like a balsam for your soul. Gentle, warm and genuine. She was able to mirror my inner self, and put names on feelings and ailments I needed to be aware of. Devin makes you feel safe and heard - I highly recommend a session with her, she has a gift that few people have."

— ESRA H. —

"Devin has a charismatic personality and a heart of gold. She cares about her clients and her intuition is spot-on. Her senses are healing to everyone whom she makes contact with. I highly recommend her services."

— A.W. —

"Devin in a nutshell. When you work with her, talk to her, etc., your heart busts open in unconditional love. Your mind, spirit, and soul are illuminated by peace & you feel joyfully serene, and your body is flooded by the light of your Essence. Her radiance is transformative...You feel both grounded AND uplifted. Seen, heard, supported and validated in the perfection of who you are & where you are. The insight she provides with intuitive readings are indescribably helpful and SPOT ON! 'Maybe she's born with it, maybe it's SPIRITUALLY BALANCED.' If you're curious about working with her- just do it! If you feel lost and aren't sure about work ing with anyone (because let's be real- sometimes it's hard to take the leap or know if it will help), TRUST ME and just do it. If you're still hesitant, just DM her or contact her and tell her you want to but are hesitant - she will help you through that too! Trust me, you will thank yourself for this."

"Devin is so authentic and present, intuitive, and honest. Working with her is lovely and I will absolutely book again." 


"Devin is an incredible healer that allows her sense of humor to lighten another's most difficult healing moments. She is truthful and straight forward yet gentle. I am so happy to have found her and her services."


"I highly recommend Devin for her services. She has performed in-person and distance reiki through many episodes in my life. Most notably she performed reiki while I was in labor. Her reiki brought my child into a world of love, peace, and protection. Not only has she performed reiki during my labor and all throughout my pregnancy, she also did so for my pet who was very sick. Devin is incredible and the reiki will take you to a place of peace."


"Really enjoy the positive energy from Devin."

— K.G. —

"There are times in life when we wish to seek confirmation, insight, illumination, or even a peek at the diving. In speaking with Devin, the divine continues to share exactly what I need to hear when I need to hear it. Her insight, intuition and ability to understand things spoken and unspoken is profound.She has helped me understand more about myself and those I love than I could ever imagine. And she does this in the most genuine and palpable way. For those times when you want to hear a whisper from the beyond and perhaps feel an encouragement beyond words, I strongly suggest you contact Devin. It is a privilege to let her connect you to the things perhaps a bit out of your reach but definitely within hers. I am eternally grateful that God has given her these gifts and that she continues to share them so graciously." 

— LIBBY R. —

"I literally got goosebumps. This is the first time I've ever done some thing on my own as a passion project. And when you mentioned the thing about flowers, I damn near fell off my chair. I shoot [take pictures of] SO many flowers."

"I've gotta tell you. When you had the intuitive message not to be hard on myself and be proud of what I am accomplishing, I felt SO WARM. I've been learning more about my HD [human design] as a manifestor and physically feel abundance more in my body. The message truly was meant for me, so thank you for your gift to me today."

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