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Energy Healing Services

Empowering you to trust your intuition + heal on energetic and spiritual levels. Spiritually Balanced is committed to guiding you on a personalized journey of becoming your truest form of self.


Quantum Time Technique

Release heavy emotions + limiting beliefs

QTT allows you to process difficult experiences, emotions, and limiting beliefs while retaining their wisdom and letting go of their density.  Working in the quantum field makes healing your shadow feel easy and effortless, opening you up to become your highest and most abundant self.

Manifestation Magic

Spirit-led communication + guidance

Become the architect of your life, open yourself to receive, and get aligned with the universal flow of abundance. Get access to techniques that allow you to tailor your manifestation approach in a way that works for you, and start living the life you’re worthy of.

Devin Grindrod doing an oracle card reading
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