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Everything is Going to be Okay

Sometimes the universe reaches out in mysterious ways and at the time, you may not understand the reason. Almost one month ago I was involved in a car accident on my way to work. The cars in front of my stopped, I stopped, and when I looked in my rearview mirror to make sure the person in back of me was stopping, I saw that they were not. When I realized they were going to hit my car, a voice came into my head and said “Everything is going to be okay.” So I accepted what was about to happen as a necessary part of my journey and when the impact came I knew that whatever happened, I would be alright. Thankfully, I was. No one involved had any major injuries, just the expected sore necks and backs. Although I spent my Friday night in the emergency room, I was grateful to have been able to check myself in. My husband left work early to keep me company despite me telling him it wasn’t necessary. And I spent the rest of the weekend practicing some much needed self-care.

Before the accident happened, I had been going through an emotional period and was coping with it by throwing myself into school and work in an effort to suppress what I was feeling. I wasn’t making time for myself and it was starting to show. I was becoming withdrawn from friends and family and began living in a little cocoon of solitude. Since the incident, I have been practicing self-care by attending regular treatments for my health and taking time to honor my feelings. I have also been more open with sharing the events that had been weighing on me, which has helped me to begin the acceptance and healing process. This accident has shown me the importance of being kind to myself, mind, body, and spirit. As well as how necessary it is to be open and release what is weighing on my heart. After I started my healing process, it was then time to heal my car. I am a firm believer in the miracles of reiki, but this was beyond energetic repair. A few days after I dropped my car off to be fixed, I found out it was totaled. This brought on another layer of stress. On top of graduate school, running a business, and the other stressors I was just beginning to process, I now needed to replace my vehicle. Although I felt my anxieties rising, I knew that “everything [would] be okay.” Continuing to put my self-care first, I dove into car buying. This would be the first time my husband and myself ever had to purchase a car by ourselves, without the help of “real adults.” We researched how to get the best deals and trusted our intuition when we felt a car wasn’t the right fit. Finally, after about a week of researching and car hunting, we made our purchase. Today I received the invoice of our rental car. Over the last three weeks, I had driven 1,111 miles, the number of a wake up calls and new beginnings. For reasons yet to be discovered, this accident was meant to happen.

Throughout this process, my patience has been tested and once again, my husband has showed me that he is my rock. I began to let him in emotionally again and we learned new skills on how to haggle at dealerships. Which was much more fun than anticipated. It is just like going to the market, but with larger stakes. We have worked through this together and with the support of our friends and family, I am beginning to heal both from the accident and the emotions I was attempting to suppress. Although this will be an arduous journey of healing, like most life lessons are, I know that by continuing on my path of self-care and growth, “everything is going to be okay.”


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