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This is Something I Never Thought I'd Say about Reiki...

But, I'm stepping away from Reiki

girl practicing Reiki

When I started Spiritually Balanced almost 8 years ago, it was because Reiki led me to do so. Almost everything I've accomplished was because of or in guidance of Reiki, so to say that I'm stepping away isn't something I'm doing lightly.

The reason I'm shifting gears is because, although I LOVE Reiki and have the utmost respect for the practice, I found a different modality that does a much faster and more thorough job at healing. You may have heard me talk about it before, it's the quantum healing work that I've been offering for a few years now called Quantum Time Technique (QTT).

QTT works by getting to the root cause of the issue and helps you reframe your beliefs and emotions. The reason why QTT is so successful at what it does is because it works on the quantum level, which is where time and space collide. Meaning that when you put the intention to it, you can easily connect to the root cause of your imposter syndrome just as easily as you can recall what you ate for breakfast this morning.

I have been studying trauma, its effects on a person, and how to heal from it since 2006. It has always been my mission to help myself and others to find the modalities that will help to eliminate the heavy feelings associated with traumatic events as well as the trauma responses we live with daily. Over the years, I have tried many different techniques and nothing has come close to the efficacy of QTT.

So while I still love Reiki and believe in its healing powers with all of my heart, my mission with Spiritually Balanced has always been to use the best practices I know of to help others heal from their traumatic experiences. Since learning and practicing QTT, it has felt inauthentic to continue to offer Reiki to my clients while knowing that I have other techniques that will elicit a much quicker and more complete healing. Which is why I am switching my practice over to QTT.

Don't get me wrong, I think Reiki is a wonderful supplemental modality and I will continue to use it in my personal life, but I am not the supplemental practitioner. I am the person you come to when you're ready for big life changes and massive healing shifts. We don't play small over here, we heal big and with all of our hearts.

So if you're ready to heal big and finally get the glow up you deserve, click here to learn more, I'd love to help.


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