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Free Yourself From What no Longer Serves you

Freeing yourself from the burdens of what no longer serve you will open up space in your life for new growth to begin. Everyone has extra baggage they carry around that no longer benefits them. This could be anything from clothes you haven’t worn in years to a relationship you are reluctant to let go of to a grudge you’ve been holding on to. Whatever it is, let it go. Make room in your closet for clothes you actually want to wear. Allow space for new people to enter your life. Relieve yourself from the strain of a grudge that is only holding you back. The freedom you will feel from releasing the unnecessary weight will encourage you to continue to let go of more unnecessary attachments in other areas of your life as well.

When you hold on to what no longer serves you shows signs of fear. You are telling the universe that you do not trust it to be on your side. Of course, not everything will be a pleasant experience, but sometimes you need to face adversity in order to learn a lesson. Just know that you will work through the challenge and that you have the ability to learn from the new experience.

It is understandable that letting go of material objects can be difficult, especially when society is constantly bombarding you will messages about the necessities of possessions. Where value is placed in materials rather than quality relationships. Many people place more importance on having a new car, a large bank account, or the latest tech products than building connections with people. Let go of your attachment to the excess of belongings in your life and make space for what you need. Holding on to unnecessary baggage, shows the universe that you feel unsafe and do not trust its ability to take care of you. Free yourself from the burden of excess and be confident that you will be provided with everything you need.

Keeping people in your life who treat you poorly or take away your energy do not serve you well. Relationships should be a fairly even give and take where both parties feel that their needs are being met. If there is someone who causes you feelings of anxiety or makes you feel less than worthy, then it is time to reconsider that relationship. You are allowed to cut people out of your life. Standing up for yourself doesn’t make you a bad person, it makes you a stronger one. It’s a powerful experience to advocate for your needs. On the other hand, learn to appreciate those people in your life who love and support you. Concentrating on healthy relationships will not only strengthen your bonds, but will help you to increase your own worth.

In addition to material belongings and people, negative emotions can be holding you back from personal growth. Life is lived either through love or through fear. When you open your heart to love and accept that you have everything you need and will be taken care of, it gives you the opportunity to grow. But, when you live your life through the eyes of fear, it can be difficult to reach your full potential because you are always waiting for the other proverbial shoe to drop. Bad things happen, but they are there for you to learn and grow from. When you recognize the lesson, you can move on. Living through love, opens up your heart and mind to new experiences, places, and people that you would otherwise be closed off to. Life is a balance of yin and yang. There can never be light without the dark. Extend your trust and give yourself the chance to grow into exactly who you are supposed to become.

Attachment comes in many forms. It can be a material item, a person, or an emotion. Regardless of how it manifests in your life, it is not serving you. Let it go, release it back into the world and wait to see what comes to fill its space. Understand that everything is temporary and learn how to live a more mindful lifestyle. Every day is a new opportunity to grow, whether or not you view it as one.




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