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Manifestation has never felt THIS good: Frequency Alignment Edition

Manifestation frequency alignment

Everything is made out of energy and that energy has a frequency. The quickest way to streamlining your manifestations is to align and embody that frequency.

You can do all of the rituals, make all of the vision boards, and journal until your hand cramps up, but if you don't believe you are deserving of your manifestation and if you're not embodying the energy of your desire, it's going to be a long road to achieving your goals.

Now what the heck does that all mean? How do you embody the energy of a beach front house or a brand new Ferrari?

I'm not talking about actually becoming your desires, what I mean is to embody the frequency of your emotions. The frequency of the version of you who is already living in your dream home, driving your dream car, working at your dream job, in the relationship you've always dreamed of, etc.

Let's get nerdy for a minute here. When you're practicing manifestation, you're operating in the quantum realm AKA the 5th dimension where time and space collide and exist simultaneously. Meaning the version of you today and the version of you who is living out your desires are co-existing. The only difference between these two versions of you is the frequency they're operating in.

The good news is, there is a simple, easy tactic you can do to mesh these versions of yourself. All you have to do is close your eyes, and feel into what it would be like to already have your desire. What emotions come up when you look out your window and see the car in your driveway? How does it feel to hold the keys in your hand? To unlock the door and sit down in the driver's seat? To put the car in gear and drive off down the road?

Notice what this version of you feels like. What is the energy of this version of you? What is the lifestyle you're living? The habits you have? Your routines? What is this version of you doing differently than today's version of you? Answer all of these questions without judgment. This is simply the path of your growth, not a laundry list of everything you're doing wrong. In fact there's nothing you're doing wrong. Today, you're the best version of yourself that you have access to. Completing this exercise gives you access to another level of growth.

The challenge that comes up is the incongruency between your believeability and your desirability. You wouldn't be here if you didn't have a strong desirability for manifesting your goals. The sticky part here can be your believability, which changes with each of your goals. There are somethings each of us inherently believe to be innately true about what we deserve while when it comes to other desires, you may need to do some work to shift your beliefs.

As you lean into the frequency of the version of you who is already living out your desire, notice what feels good, natural, and flowy as well as noticing what feels sticky, constrictive, or blocked.

Congruent manifestation will feel like a magnetic, natural pulling of you towards your desires. While blockages AKA limiting beliefs will feel like...well, a blockage, tightening, or constrictive. You may even hear a voice in your mind that recites a limiting belief like "only greedy people drive flashy cars" or perhaps "money is the root of all evil, it's not safe to have an abundance of it."

The congruency is what you need to lean into in order to embody the frequency of your desire, while the limiting beliefs are there to show you what you need to overcome. Don't worry, everyone has blockages around their manifestations, but just as easily as you were able to adopt them you can also reframe them. Your unconscious mind is malleable and able to change it's belief when presented with the right information.

If you're ready to reframe your limiting beliefs, unblock your mindset, open yourself up to the frequency of your desires, learn how to manifest according to your human design, set goals that are realistic and attainable, and create a vision board that actually works, I've created the perfect course for you to level up your manifestation game and make it feel good! Click here if you want to learn all of the juicy details on how to level up your manifestation game.


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