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My Manifestation Glowup: From Law of Attraction Failure to Frequency Wielder

Manifestation glowup celebration

If you've been around for a while, you know my spiritual awakening started back in 2012 and was going pretty full swing by 2014, which was when the law of attraction tidal wave hit social media. This was my first real introduction to manifestation. I had heard of it before, but thought that when desires came into your life they were more like "happy accidents" instead of the effect of being a vibrational match for your goals.

That means, my first introduction to manifestation was to think about wanting something and then waiting for it to poof! into your life like some magical fairy godmother was waiting to bless your every thought...boy was I wrong. I mean, this can totally happen, but it's not going happen with everything you desire right off the bat. What I was learning at that time was more like an individual puzzle piece rather than the whole picture.

That being said, when I was "manifesting" (read: hoping) for my dreams to come true and using every day of them not magically floating into my life as evidence that I wasn't worthy of attaining them (😬). This time caused me to adopt an excessive amount of limiting beliefs around my worthiness. Thankfully now I know better and now have the tools to reframe those beliefs.

While I believe in the law of attraction and know that it works, I also know that there are 11 other universal laws in play and that inspired action is needed in order for most desires to "poof!" into your life.

Since 2014, I've thankfully had a massive manifestation glowup. Now I am so excited to teach you how to call your deepest desires into your reality through a much more balanced approach that I have culminated into one, jam packed manifestation course called Manifestation Magic so that you don't have to experience anything like my wildly unhelpful initiation into manifestation.

I created Manifestation Magic as a way to help others who are amazed by manifestation, but don't want to spend the next several years combing through the internet in search of quality, ethical information. This course goes over everything you need and then some to call your desires at a warped speed pace so you don't have to make the same mistakes I did.

Good luck and happy manifesting!


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