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Embracing Change

The one constant in life is its ability to change. This can either be reassuring in knowing that a difficult situation won’t always be so hard or frightening in knowing that circumstances you are content in will shift. Regardless of your feelings, the progression of life can be intimidating. There is comfort in consistency. But, if you continue to stay in situations because of convenience, you may find that life becomes stagnant. It is important to remember not to fight it, there are lessons to be learned in the transition. Change is needed so that you can grow into the best version of yourself. By making room for transformation, you are opening yourself up to new experiences. Change has the ability to teach you a great deal if you let it.

Even though it may be uncomfortable, there is a reason for the shift. It can lead you to a better job or relationship, you might learn something new about yourself, or it may teach you a new life lesson. Regardless of the cause, it is always better to embrace the transition than to resist it. When you avoid the inevitable, discord comes about. This can be in the form of an existential crisis, an illness/injury, or an abrupt ending to a situation. Although change can be intimidating, accepting that it is there for your best interest will make the transformation easier to manage. While it can be nerve-racking to leave a job you’ve been at for a while or sad to have a friendship end, this shift is letting you know that you have learned all you needed from these experiences and the next step is waiting for you.

Another element of change to consider is that it can help you to develop new skills. You can learn how to better adapt to difficult situations which will help to prepare you for future transitions. Embracing change also helps you to learn how to manage stress levels constructively. This is because you are able to acknowledge the beginning stages of a shift and can prepare for or even actively help yourself through it using positive coping skills. The strengths you learn through periods of transformation can be applied to other challenging circumstances you find yourself in.

Both the process and end result of change lead to new experiences. So apply for your dream job, take a vacation, meet new people, and enjoy life as often as possible. Because all of these circumstances will shape who you are and help you along the path of becoming the best version of yourself. While it can be intimidating to try something unfamiliar, the end result will be much more useful to you than playing it safe. New experiences expand your comfort zones Which helps you to feel brave and more in control of your journey.

While change may be one of the only dependable components of life, it doesn’t have to be something you fear. By embracing it you are allowing yourself to build upon the skills you already have. This, then makes room for growth. So stop fighting something that is designed for self-improvement. Create space for new experiences and be open to the lessons they bring.


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